New York State Tax Return Update: Driver’s License Requirement for Tax Year 2016 Tax Returns

Beginning in Tax Year 2015 – following the lead of the Internal Revenue Service – New York began to capture taxpayer’s driver’s license or state-issued ID (non-driver ID) information for their electronically-filed personal income tax returns as an additional verification device to detect fraud.  Providing this information was optional for Tax Year 2015.

Beginning with Tax Year 2016, this information is required for New York State personal income tax returns that are prepared using software.  The requirement applies to driver’s license or state-issued IDs from any state.

As a result of the new New York State laws, for 2016 tax returns, the taxpayer and their spouse that have a New York State driver’s license or state issued ID must provide their tax return preparers with the following information:

  • License or ID number;
  • Issuing state;
  • Issue date;
  • Expiration date; and
  • Document number (NYS issued licenses and IDs only).

(The document number is specific to NYS IDs and is typically found in the bottom right corner on the front, or on the back of the ID).

If the taxpayer and/or spouse do not have a driver’s license or state-issued ID, they need to indicate that they do not have either one.  This will fulfill the requirement.