1. I have heard busy season is scary. Is this true?

Not in the slightest! Busy season is certainly busy, but it is not at all as scary as you may have heard. Keep in mind that any company, regardless of the industry, has a busy time. Your first busy season will feel a little stressful because it is new to you. This time gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your clients, as well as provide services for them. Once summer comes around, the workload tends to be much lighter. Busy season has earned the reputation of being a bear, when actually it is simply… busy.

2. I do not know if I am interested in Audit and Accounting or Tax? How am I supposed to decide?

We give employees the opportunity to gain experience from both Audit and Accounting and Tax engagements, as well as the opportunity to move on to other core service groups such as forensic accounting, business valuation, litigation support and many more. Our goal is to give you a real feeling of what accounting is all about. This experience provides you with the tools you need to determine what best fits you and your area of interest.

3. How will I get to know my co-workers?

We have social, professional and seasonal events that offer you the opportunity to get to know your co-workers. Our employees frequently say that some of their favorite aspects of working here are social environment and relationships between members of the firm. While all of our employees work hard, we always find time to have some fun!

4. How will I advance my career?

We have an in-depth, personalized mentor program that will allow you the opportunity to advance your career with a seasoned practitioner by your side, as well as annual evaluations that consist of short-term and long-term goal planning. Aside from those programs – with your dedication and hard work, and the many different core services that we offer – the sky is the limit!

5. Will I ever be able to become a partner?

Because of our size, the chances of becoming a partner are much greater than with a larger firm. We have a low staff to partner ratio, and as we continue to grow we want to maintain this low ratio. This provides opportunity for that growth. Even more importantly, our mentor program is designed to help you develop your career to its fullest potential. Your mentor will help you design a career path that will take you in that direction.