Dannible & McKee, LLP’s expertise in this area has lead to a national practice in performing FAR overhead rate audits and related consulting services.


  • In recent years, more and more architectural and engineering (“A/E”) firms are finding that they must have an audited overhead rate in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 31 (“FAR”).
  • As evidence of our expertise in FAR overhead audit reporting, we have also been engaged by the New York State Department of Transportation (“NYSDOT”) to perform contract audits of A/E firms.

Why Choose D&M?

  • The AASHTO Guide indicates provides specific criteria an A/E Firm should consider in selecting a CPA to perform its FAR audit and we fulfill these requirements.
  • We work with professional architectural and engineering firms across the country, providing unique insight into the current trends and issues facing A/E firms in today’s challenging economic climate.
  • Our management-based approach to FAR overhead rate engagements goes far beyond the routine overhead rate audit.

FAR Audit Consulting Services

  • Assisting management in properly calculating an overhead rate under FAR Part 31.
  • Suggesting improvements to a firm’s accounting system to allow for a quick and efficient determination of a firm’s FAR overhead rate.
  • Reviewing a firm’s historical FAR overhead rates and comparing to industry standards.
  • Analyzing the Firm’s cost structure, accounting system and negotiated contracts to maximize allowable FAR overhead rates.
  • Providing guidance regarding governmental overhead examinations and disputes.

Contact us about FAR Overhead Rate Audits:
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