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Enhancing Your Back-Office Accounting Needs


In today’s market, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a competitive edge within the manufacturing industry. We are finding businesses are not only struggling with their production line but with their back-office. The challenges of sourcing good employees and continued changes in laws and regulations can make the finances of your business a bigger obstacle to overcome.

Dannible & McKee, LLP is here to help you as we understand how important finances are to running your business, and we can help you stay one step ahead of your competition. Our manufacturing group has been delivering innovative accounting and tax planning solutions to manufacturers in our community for nearly 45 years in areas such as inventory methods, inventory costing, overhead absorption, budgeting and forecasting, depreciation of fixed assets and federal and state tax credits and incentive programs. As a result, our clients reap substantial savings and improved cash flow, which can be applied toward future expansion and other long-range goals.

We are experts in various specialized accounting software packages used by manufacturers, and we can assist your business to ensure you are getting the most useful information to help you make timely and accurate business decisions.

With the difficulty of staffing and the rise in the costs for employee benefits, Dannible & McKee can be a resource for your business with our outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services. We have a full-time Accounting Services Department that offers customized services to fit your needs, whether it is helping you through a period of transition or a long-term solution.

Our flexible service options include:

    • Bank Reconciliations;
    • Data Entry;
    • General Ledger Maintenance;
    • Preparation of Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements;
    • Preparation of Management Reports;
    • Fraud Screening and Forensic Analysis;
    • Preparation of Annual 1099 Forms;
    • Assistance with Banking and Insurance Matters;
    • Preparation of Sales Tax Returns;
    • Inventory Analysis;
    • Budgeting and Forecasting; and
    • Cash Flow Analysis.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your back-office accounting become more efficient and cost effective, contact Charla A. Roth, CPA, CDA, audit partner at Dannible & McKee, LLP at croth@dmcpas.com or 315-472-9127. Visit our Accounting Services page to learn more.

Contributing Author: Charla A. Roth, CPA, CDA, is an audit partner with over 20 years of experience providing auditing, accounting and consulting services. Charla specializes in working with manufacturers, architecture and engineering firms, and nonprofit organizations.