Audits are often sought to meet financial reporting requirements; however they provide much more than that. Audits can help organizations assess risk, uncover internal management issues, and provide insights and information that can be used to address business challenges and direct future plans.

At Dannible & McKee, we’ve built a solid reputation of providing the highest level of auditing service. Our approach combines a strategic understanding of each client’s unique business environment with our in-depth experience in evaluating the business risks you face. We go beyond reporting and bring meaning to the results by delivering comprehensive analysis of your financial statements, internal controls and your overall business strategies, goals and objectives.

Our Assurance & Accounting Department is comprised of both partners and professionals with extensive experience performing audits, reviews and compilations for organizations of all size and sector, and across many industries and specialties. We assemble engagement teams with industry-specific experts who are prepared to add their knowledge of industry practices to your audit.

Additional features of our approach:

  • Performing audit and other assurance service at your location to allow for a deeper understanding of your business.
  • Focusing our efforts on understanding the important transaction cycles affecting your business.
  • Applying advanced auditing techniques tailored to the way you do business, whatever the size of your company and wherever you operate.
  • Administering continuous training and development of our professionals to ensure high standards of our audit and related services are maintained.
  • Utilizing a paperless environment to maximize efficiency and communication.

Every organization has different assurance needs. In addition to audits, our Assurance & Accounting Department provides varying levels for attestation services including reviews, compilations and agreed-upon procedure (AUP) engagements. If you are unsure of what level of assurance you may need or have questions on attestation services, contact us today.


Center for Audit Quality