Fraud & Forensic Accounting

Fraud related crimes are on the rise, yet no one expects fraud to happen to them. At Dannible & McKee, we employ a team of experts in fraud prevention and forensic accounting who provide all types of clients with a powerful ally in the ongoing resistance to accounting-related fraud.

Our Forensic Accounting Group is comprised of highly-trained Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) who specialize in the prevention and detection of corporate and organizational fraud schemes. We have experience across all industries and are qualified to investigate a wide range of cases, including management fraud, money laundering, tax fraud, bankruptcy fraud, financial statement fraud and misappropriation of assets.

Through disciplined assessment and measurement of financial damages or losses, we help clients to fully understand the realities of the situation and work jointly with management and their legal representatives to select the best course of action. Our forensic experts have vast experience providing litigation support and expert testimony to ensure that the judge or jury has all the necessary facts to make its best judgment.

Fraud Prevention
Dannible & McKee has also built a reputation for our proactive approach to fraud prevention. Businesses look to us for help in minimizing risk through the development of effective fraud prevention and deterrence programs. Our forensic specialists work closely with clients to evaluate their business processes and internal controls to identify areas of vulnerability. We help establish the proper policies and procedures to minimize exposure to fraud.


Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)