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Operating in Multiple States May Have State Tax Implications

Nothing is certain but death and taxes. While this may apply to federal taxes, state taxes are a bit more uncertain. Manufacturers and distributors operating…

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Small Manufacturers May Opt To Use Simplified Reporting Methods

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) expanded the tax code’s definition of “small business” to include those with average annual gross receipts of $25…

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Are Manufacturers Ready for Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 — sometimes referred to as the fourth industrial revolution — isn’t new. The term was first coined nearly 10 years ago. But the…

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A Closer Look at New York State’s Pass-Through Entity Tax

History of SALT Cap The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) limited the amount of State and Local Tax (SALT) that could be included as…

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Tax Depreciation Rules for Business Automobiles

Tax depreciation rules for business automobiles If you use an automobile in your trade or business, you may wonder how depreciation tax deductions are determined.…

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Safeguarding Your Critical Documents

So many of the documents we all use in our personal lives these days are digital. However, there are still many that you should retain…

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Energize Tax Savings With an EV Credit

Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing in popularity all the time — and more of them are qualifying for a federal tax credit. In fact, the…

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Which Business Website Costs Are Deductible?

Every business needs a website, but it’s not always easy to determine which costs of running one are deductible. Fortunately, established rules that generally apply…

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The Current State of Estate Planning

Because of the current estate tax exemption amount ($11.7 million in 2021), many estates no longer need to be concerned with federal estate tax. Years…

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Three Tax Breaks for Small Businesses to Consider

One of the simplest ways to reduce your income tax bill is to ensure you’re claiming all of the tax deductions available to your small…