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Tips for Organizations to Recruit and Retain Top Quality Employees


In the everchanging job market the ability to attract and retain top-tier talent is becoming increasingly difficult. Many organizations continue to utilize standard hiring practices which are becoming outdated and less effective in the recruiting arena. Top-tier employees are oftentimes looking for an organization that has differentiated itself, therefore it is critically important for organizations to assess how attractive they look to potential employees. Here are some tips to improve your talent acquisition strategy:

  1. Create an improved brand through digital networks and the use of current employees:  In today’s society it is essential that an organization has a highly visible presence on social media and an effective layout of content on their website. Most top-tier candidates will research potential employers before beginning an application process. An effective digital network will allow an organization to control their online image and more effectively convey the mission of the organization, culture, benefits, news and opportunities for development to appear attractive as an employer. In addition, organizations should use current employees to improve their image by creating professional profiles on LinkedIn to connect with potential employees or by writing positive, realistic reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed. Top-tier candidates are oftentimes reviewing these websites prior to making decisions on applying or interviewing with organizations. By creating an employer brand that appears attractive, your organization can attract a larger pool of candidates which will include the top-quality candidates.
  2. Improve your onboarding process:  Are you aware of how long your onboarding process is from start to finish? In general, the onboarding process tends to be more lengthy than necessary. The recruitment process needs to be thorough, while also being quick enough that candidates don’t lose interest in a position or choose to accept a position at a competitor. By creating a system with a smooth transition between digital communication to face-to-face interactions with an applicant, your organization will promote the image of a professional and efficient workplace and will make the internal process for decision making more streamlined. Further, the onboarding process extends beyond recruitment and into the early stages of employment. A good orientation and training program will attract top-tier talent and encourage growth for all employees.
  3. Create a talent acquisition strategy that is in line with your goals: Information is the key! Candidates should be aware of exactly what is expected of them and what the organization’s plan is for their career, so they can make an informed decision about their future. Put forward a realistic view of the organization that is in line with your mission and goals. Obtain information from current top performing employees to see what is important to them. Hiring employees who are willing and able to meet truthful expectations will drive an organization to greater success.

Once an organization has determined how to attract top-tier talent it is vitally important they retain these employees. Here are some tips to improve your retention of high-quality employees:

  1. Put Employees First: Employees with a sense of purpose within an organization drive higher job satisfaction and will lead to success. Effectively communicate how employees assist in meeting the goals of the organization and invest in professional development of current employees. This will foster trust and respect within the workplace and maintain a culture that provides a positive environment for your employees. Encourage employees to engage within the organization. Organizations that empower and encourage employees to actively engage in reaching goals, oftentimes leads to higher employee retention.
  2. Encourage Flexible Schedules: Technology and personal preference have changed what most would call the “standard” workday. The 9 to 5 workday is a thing of the past. Employees are looking for competitive and attractive scheduling options. Encouraging flexibility and providing the means to work around an employee’s personal life can reduce stress and increase job productivity. Organizations should focus on implementing flexible schedules that allow employees to select their work hours within your organizations “core time.”, developing an effective PTO policy and including an option to work from home.
  3. Ensure open communication between management and employees: Communication builds relationships which lead to success. Organizations can increase communication between management and employees by developing mentoring programs, designing team-based projects, conducting “stay” interviews and offering training sessions. Providing a way for employees to feel comfortable communicating positive aspects of a work environment as well as concerns improves satisfaction. Open communication between management and employees in the form of regular meetings as well as constructive feedback that increases professional development. By openly and honestly communicating with employees an organization can understand what is attractive about their organization and what causes frustration. This knowledge can help an organization provide a competitive and attractive environment to not only recruit top-tier candidates but to retain them as valued long-term employees.

Hiring and retaining the highest quality people should be a top priority to your organization. Happy and engaged employees are any organization’s most important asset. By creating a positive culture and offering tangible benefits to employees, organizations will not only recruit top quality candidates, but also retain them long-term. The process of culture development and talent acquisition is forever changing as younger generations enter the job market. Take the time to evaluate your current recruiting policies and procedures, implement these tips and you will improve your recruiting process.

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