Dannible & McKee, LLP Recommends Filing Taxes Early and Electronically


Tax season is in full swing and now is the time for filing taxes instead of waiting until the deadline of April 15, 2024, to avoid potential delays. Surprisingly, more than 20% of taxpayers wait until the last minute to file their taxes, with over 11 million individuals and 15 million businesses choosing to file paper returns instead of electronically. This causes a significant setback for the IRS and the taxpayers.

To avoid delays, Dannible & McKee, LLP, a certified public accounting and consulting firm, recommends filing your tax returns at the earliest date possible, which was January 29, 2024, and filing the returns electronically.

“Filing your tax return early and electronically has many advantages,” said Nick Shires, CPA, partner-in-charge of tax services at Dannible & McKee. “You’ll not only get your refund within 2 weeks, but if you owe money, it gives you time to figure out how you’ll pay the amount owed. Even if you file your taxes in February, you will still have until April 15 to pay the full amount of money you owe.”

Filing taxes late can also put you at risk of fraud. There have been several cases where an individual’s information has been compromised, and their taxes have been filed by someone else without their knowledge.

“Too often there have been issues where a taxpayer submits their return, only to be told by the IRS that their return had already been filed by someone else,” added Shires. “Their funds then go to the fraudster who committed the act.”

As for filing returns, it’s highly recommended that taxpayers should opt for the online filing method instead of using paper forms. Processing paper returns takes longer to deliver refunds and also increases administrative costs for the IRS. It should be noted that there is a caveat to this rule, as there are around 150 to 200 IRS forms that are still not eligible for e-filing. However, the IRS is working to make online filing accessible and easier for all taxpayers.


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