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Recognizing and Accounting for Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are necessary costs. In today’s construction industry, every project must be held accountable for its own expenses — in as much detail as…

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Revenue Recognition Implementation – Beyond the Theory

The goal of FASB’s new revenue recognition standard is to replace industry-specific guidance with a single uniform standard that provides comparability not only across industries…

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Prevent Hackers from Wiping out Your Employees’ 401(K) Accounts

News of commercial database hackings may seem commonplace in 2019. But while many of these stories focus on hacked bank and credit card accounts, 401(k)…

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Divorcing Business Owners Need to Pay Attention to Tax Implications

If you’re getting a divorce, you know it’s a highly stressful time. But if you’re a business owner, tax issues can complicate matters even more.…

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Cybersecurity Essentials for the Everyday World (Part 1)

Scaring yourself about, or worse ignoring all the dangers online won’t do you any good.  Instead start weaving security into your life in both big…

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Why Now Is the Time to Start Planning for Your Company’s Business Succession

You’ve built a great business, you love what you do, and retirement is a long way off…so why worry about how you’ll transition the ownership…

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Merger and Acquisition Transactions Tax Implications and Considerations

Merger and acquisition activity has been brisk in recent years. If your business is considering merging with or acquiring another business, it’s important to understand…

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Fraud Fact: Crooks Prefer Cash

It should come as no surprise that cash is the most popular target of fraud perpetrators. After all, once stolen, cash itself is virtually untraceable.…

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Small Business Owners Should Double-Check Their Tax Returns

Now more than ever, small business owners need to double-check their tax returns before filing. Why? Because many of the changes ushered in by the…

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Are Income Taxes Taking a Bite out of Your Trusts?

If your estate plan includes one or more trusts, review them before you file your tax return. Or, if you’ve already filed it, look carefully…